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  • Powermix Diet Feeder

    Powermix Diet Feeder

    The Powermix Pro range of complete diet feeder is available in both single and twin vertical auger models that gives a range of mixer feeder capacities from 9 cubic metres up to 25 cubic metres. A uniquely designed central auger carries out both the chopping and mixing functions by lifting the ration ingredients up the centre of the mixer from where they move to the outside to be drawn back down to the bottom to begin the cycle again.

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  • Powerspread


    The Powerspread from Shelbourne Reynolds is a range of side discharge manure spreaders with the ability to spread all types of farmyard dung including dry poultry litter and industrial wastes accurately and with a fine fragmentation. The range comprises of the general purpose farm spreader the Powerspread Dairy which will spread all types of slurry and straw yard dung and the Powerspread Contractor which is aimed at the large mixed farm and professional user and will spread all types of waste including poultry litter and dry industrial wastes with ease.

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  • Cubicle Bedder

    Cubicle Bedder

    The Shelbourne Cubicle Bedder is designed to dispense a uniform layer of bedding material to either side quickly and with minimal operator effort. A significant advantage of this machine is that it can spread a very wide range of materials including, sawdust, shavings, paper, chopped straw, sand and green bedding all by adjusting the same machine rather than using different machines.

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  • Parmiter Shear Bucket

    Parmiter Shear Bucket

    Designed with the Maize Grower and Complete Diet Feeding systems in mind the Shear Bucket encapsulates all the elements of the Shear Grab, and combines it with a bucket for unrivalled versatility. The Shear Bucket therefore effectively handles loose foodstuffs and concentrates eliminating the need for two attachments, and the untimely changes made between them. No feedstuff escapes during transport! Many farmers suffer from silage dropping off of traditional grabs around the yard causing pollution. Loss in windy conditions is eliminated with the shear bucket also as the top portion of the bucket shelters the contents.

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