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Can I spread different types of dung with a powerspread?
Yes the Powerspread Dairy will spread all types of liquid and straw dung and the contractor will spread dry and powder type materials

I need to load under a slurry ramp, do you have a low level model?
Yes the Powerspread Dairy 1400 has a loading height of 2.03metre

Can I spread fresh straw dung?
Yes, All models are available with the optional "anti bridging arm". This double arm blots into the left side of the machine opposite the door. A hydraulic ram swings the arm back and forth to keep the material feeding evenly to the door no matter how dry, strawy or fresh.

I need a large capacity spreader, do you have one?
Yes, the Contractor 2800 has a capacity of 2800 gallons or 12.75 m3

What if I get something inside such as a large rock?
The Contractor range features a main auger reverse drive and a quick release drop down impeller for fast removal of obstructions

What size tractor do I need to drive a Powerspread?
The Powerspread Dairy 1400 can be driven with as little as 65hp

Do I have to spend a lot of time on servicing?
No the contractor range has single point greasing for all drive line bearings and auto lubrication for the heavy duty chain drives

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