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Designed with the Maize Grower and Complete Diet Feeding systems in mind the Shear Bucket encapsulates all the elements of the Shear Grab, and combines it with a bucket for unrivalled versatility. The Shear Bucket therefore effectively handles loose foodstuffs and concentrates eliminating the need for two attachments, and the untimely changes made between them. No feedstuff escapes during transport! Many farmers suffer from silage dropping off of traditional grabs around the yard causing pollution. Loss in windy conditions is eliminated with the shear bucket also as the top portion of the bucket shelters the contents.


Shear Bucket

Round bales of straw can be transported and cut up.

Curved side blades give a scissor action, eliminating pinching of material between the blades and produces a clean cut. The rugged construction includes wear strips on the underside of the bucket to prevent damage to the cutting edges. High-grade boron serrated blades are fitted as standard to all models, for use in a range of feed stuffs. Central support gussets in the bucket base, both give the Bucket rigidity, and also cut the block of material into sections ready for any mixer wagon to handle.

All models come fitted as standard with large diameter, high power hydraulic rams to ensure that the Shear Bucket cuts with ease in all conditions. The Bucket design gives high levels of resistance in the clamp, and hence a clean cut, whilst being totally enclosed eliminates any spillage around the yard.


Which Shear Bucket fits your application?

It is important to match the shear grab to you tractor/loader/handler, both horsepower and lift capacity must be considered

Horsepower Lift capacity (tonnes)    


2.6 - 3.5







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