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Shelbourne Hedge and Verge Cutter

Verge 780TThe Shelbourne tractor hedge and verge cutter has been engineered to out perform other machines in tough conditions. Dyno testing has developed a more efficient high pressure, low flow hydraulic system.

This gives reduced pressure drops through the system, which in turn generate less heat and provides more power to the cutting head. Two cast iron gear pumps are mated to the gearbox, one for the rotor drive and a secondary pump to provide fast responsive arm movements.



Hydraulic roller

The Shelbourne range of tractor hedge cutters can either be 3 point linkage or axle mounted and features a heavy duty frame and king post design, with folded steel tapered booms giving the strength where it is needed and saving weight where possible. The result is design with strength and weight in appropriate areas.

The innovative Shelbourne flail head is available in 1.2m and 1.5m sizes and features an open easy entry front chamber with rounded anti-snagging corners. An optional hydraulically adjustable roller is available which enables the operator to switch from hedges to verges by moving a spool valve lever in the cab.



HD767VFRThe hydraulic roller is clearly visible above. A single double acting hydraulic cylinder moves a torsion bar that in turn moves the roller up and down.

Cable and digital proportional electronic joystic controls are available. The rotor can be driven in either direction. A very effective head and arm float system is standard, coupled to the high powered hydraulics, makes the Shelbourne tractor hedge cutter highly efficient on power draining verge work.

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