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600 Series - 70hp

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The 600 has evolved using a combination of features and designs from both the 500 series and HD700 series. 

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The objective of the 600 series is to provide a powerful machine with reasonably high specification in a lighter frame that is suitable for medium sized tractors. This range is suitable for both farmers and contractors.



The first 600 series machine is the 656, this features a modified frame and 5.6m arm taken from the 556 machine. The 70HP hydraulic system is then taken from the HD700 series giving the 656 a contractor compatible work rate along with the HD700 series belt drive 1.2m and 1.5m heads.

A completely new control system has been developed for the 600 series, once again the starting point was the HD700 series control system. The new system is a digital proportional electronic joystic control giving proportional control over lift and reach functions and switched control on head angle and slew functions.


600 Standard Features

  • Cable Controls
  • Head Float
  • 1.2m Head
  • 3pt Mounting

600 Options

  • 1.5m Head
  • Electronic Proportional Joystick Control
  • Hydraulic Head Roller
  • Axle Mounting
  • Road Lights
  • Narrow Lane Bracket
  • Oil Cooler
  • High Power Debris Blower
  • High Visibility Highways Kit
  • Arm and Head Float


Technical Specifications 656 Trimmer 660T Trimmer
70 hp 70HP
Electronic Proportional Joystick Control
Optional Optional
Standard Power Oil Capacity
230 litres 230 litres
Independent Hydraulics
Standard Standard
Parallel Boom Geometry
Standard Standard
Boom Type
Fixed Telescopic
Hydraulic Slew
90 degrees 90 degrees
Arm Break Back
Standard Standard
Head Float
Standard Standard


Technical Specifications 656 Trimmer 660T Trimmer
Twin 'v' Belt Head System
Standard Standard
1.2m Head
Standard Standard
1.5m Head
Optional Optional
Drive System Flow
100 I/min 100 l/min
Drive System Pressure
250 bar 250 bar
Head Angling
240 degrees 240 degrees
Roller Diameter
125mm 125mm
Hydraulic Roller
Optional Optional


Technical Specifications 656 Trimmer 660T Trimmer
Machine Weight inc Head & Oil
1550kg 1650kg
Min Tractor Weight
3500kg 3500kg
Min Tractor
90hp 95hp
3pt Mounting
Standard Standard
Axle Mounting
Optional Optional
Road Lights
Standard Standard


Technical Specifications 656 Trimmer 660T Retracted 660T Extended
Max Reach Head Horizontal
5.78mt 5mt 6.25mt
Max Reach Head Vertical
5.43mt 4.81mt 5.96mt
Max Height Head Vertical
6.48mt 6.17mt 7.04mt
Max Height Head Horizontal
5.63mt 5.01mt 5.87mt
Max Reach Downwards
4.05mt 3.05mt 4.13mt
Max Reach at 45 degrees Up
5.94mt 4.88mt 6.10mt
Min Siding Width to Tank
2.34mt 2.34mt N/R
Min Siding Width to Centre
1.38mt 1.38mt N/R
Height to Pivot
1.55mt 1.55mt 1.55mt


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