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Spare Parts Support

Shelbourne Reynolds Engineering parts department hold a very extensive range of parts including parts to cover machines no longer in current production. We also have acquired the rights to provide parts for some machines previously manufactured by Econ Engineering as well as P J Parmiter & Sons. Please see the table below.



Contact Details:


Email: andy.freeman@shelbourne.com

Stores Direct Phone: 01359 251231  Fax: 01359 252031

Main Factory Reception Phone: 01359 250415

Email: daniel.morris@shelbourne.com

Colby Office Phone: (001) 785 4626299  Fax: (001) 785 4626761

Bettinson Seed Drill Kidd Muck Spreader
Taylor Fosse (Straw Chopper) Mytispread/Uni Spread 320/570 Muck Spreader
Econ 525/725 Muck Spreader Econ Betterspread 970 Muck Spreader
Econ Fertispread 20/40, 12/30, 6/25, 16/60, MK1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10  Econ Fertimajor
Econ Spreadall 2800, 5000, 7500  Econ Fertispread 12/60, 16/60, 12/40 
Parmiter Super Utah Disc Harrow  Parmiter STD MK2 Utah Disc Harrow 
Parmiter Utah Trailed offset Disc Harrow  Parmiter Utah Wheeled 200 9A 
Parmiter Utah 200, 250, 350, 450, 600  Parmiter Bale Wrapper TR20, TR23, TR25, TR32, TR33, TR34, TR35, TR44, TR66, TR76, SR52
Parmiter/Shelbourne Spring Harrow Parmiter Semi-Mounted or Mounted Zig-Zag Harrow
Parmiter Denva Disc Harrow Cultivator Parmiter Denva Spring Tine Cultivator
Parmiter Montana Cultivator Parmiter Zig Zag Rancher 
Parmiter TM Spring Tine Cultivator  Parmiter Press Rolls 27, 30 
Parmiter Dallas Disc Harrow Parmiter Portland Disc Harrow 
Parmiter Force 8, 10, 12, 15 Disc Harrow Parmiter DPH, DPM Disc Plough 
Parmiter Water Filled Roller  Parmiter Utah 40-24, 40-32 Disc Harrow 
Parmiter LDF120 Disc Harrow  Shelbourne Parmiter Shear Grab Models: SG100, SG250, SG300, SG200 MK1, MK2, SGP100, SGS100, SGMP100, SGMS100, SGP150, SGS150, SGP200, SGS200, SGMP200, SGMS200, SGP250, SGS250, SGMP250, SGMS250, SGP300, SGS300, SGMP300, SGMS300, SGP350, SGS350, SGMP350, SGMS350, SGMP380, SGMS380, SGMP400, SGMS400.
Shelbourne Parmiter Shear Bucket Models: SB200A, SB250A, SB300A, SB200B, SB250B, SB300B, SB200C, SB250C, SB300C. Shelbourne Powerspread/Muck Spreader 500, 640, 770, 630, 730.
Shelbourne Shredder Bedder 3.5T OR 4.5T  Round Bale Roll Out Feeder 
Power Blade Hedge Trimmer   Powermix 6M3 Low Loader 
Powermix 6M3/8M3 Rear Discharge  Shelbourne Twin Auger Express  
Shelbourne Auger Popular  Shelbourne Powerspread Dairy 
Shelbourne Powerspread Contractor 1600, 2200, 2800.  Shelbourne Powermix CF, CM 4523, 6030 
Powermix Express 2, 9M3, 11M3, 13M3  Powermix Popular 4.5M3, 6M3, 8M3, 10M3, 12M3  
Powermix CF CM 8040 10050  Shelbourne Powermix Express 6M3, 8M3, 10M3, 12M3 
Shelbourne Powermix Low Loader 8M3  Shelbourne Stripper Header: CVS 22, CVS 24, CVS 32, RVS 18, RVS 20, RVS 24, RVS 28, RSD 24, RSD 28, CX 54, CX 60, CX 66, CX 72, CX 78, CX 84, RX 42, RX 48, RX 54, RX 60, RX 72. 
Shelbourne Hydraulic Pick Up Header Draper Mechanical Model.  Shelbourne Hydraulic Pick Up Header 3.6, 4.2, 4.8.
Shelbourne Reynolds Mentor 7000 or 9000 Swather.  Shelbourne Advantage 14, 16, 18 Swather. 
Shelbourne Reynolds Swather SR2000, SR2500H, SR3000  Shelbourne Reynold Swather Header 3600, 4800, 4200, 5400, 6000.
Shelbourne Reynolds 12 & 14ft Swather Header  Shelbourne Reynolds 4.2 & 4.8 Mentor Swather Header 


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