Harvest in full swing for wheat farmers

MORGAN COUNTY - Many wheat farmers across the Front Range started happily harvesting their crop this week. Most farms not hit by spring hail are producing good yields this year.

"It all kind of came together for us," Cary Wickstrom, a wheat farmer in Morgan County, said.

Wickstrom says the weather has cooperated from fall of last year on.

"We got some timely rains," Wickstrom said, referring to this spring's frequent storms.

On Tuesday, Wickstrom had three combines circling his fields busily scooping up the golden wheat.

"We had a lot of years [during the recent drought] where the yields weren't very good because it had been dry for so long," Wickstrom said.

Aside from the weather, Wickstrom credits Colorado State University. He says CSU has produced several hardy wheat varieties used by his farm and others.

This spring's heavy hail is keeping some wheat farmers from celebrating alongside Wickstrom.

"There are some fields that had 80 percent hail damage," Matt DePoint, who works with the 2010 All Aboard Wheat Harvest Tour, said.

The wheat harvest should wrap up before August. Until then, Wickstrom is hoping for days just like Tuesday: dry and hot.

"This is perfect harvesting weather," he said.


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