Stripper Headers Generate Interest In Northwest Idaho & Central Washington

Located in Northwest Idaho is Millhorn Farms Inc, owner Seth Millhorn farms around 8,000 acres. He raises Wheat, Kentucky Bluegrass, Chickpeas, Oats and Timothy. Seth has found a niche market for wheat straw and has recently purchased two brand new 2011 CVS32 Stripper Headers for harvesting his wheat. The heads are running on a pair of CNH8010 hillside combines. The Stripper heads were purchased from Jones Truck & Implement in Colfax, WA.

The stripped wheat straw is sold to Hydrostraw LLC ( where it is processed and then used in the production of hydro seeding mulch. The straw needed for hydro seeding mulch must be high quality and free of foreign material such as soil, dust and seeds. One of the main reasons Seth operates Stripper Headers is because the stripped straw can be swathed and baled resulting in high quality, long straw that hasn’t been processed by a combine.


Combine capacity is another reason Seth operates CVS32’s. “It’s like having an extra combine in the field” said Seth. His combines are not processing high quantities of straw which has allowed Seth to increase his ground speed from 3 mph to over 5 mph. He also feels like he is saving considerably on fuel as well as wear and tear on his combines. The operation of Stripper Headers has also sparked the interest of the local conservation districts in the area. Members of the Spokane Conservation District ( came to the Millhorn Farm to watch the Stripper Headers in action. After watching the demonstration, conservation members felt the Stripper Headers would be very beneficial to farming operations in Central Washington where moisture conservation is vital and no till and direct seeding have become increasingly popular.

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