Waldersey Farms

When Derek Russell goes to work cutting river banks and dykes everyday he literally “looks forward” to an enjoyable day’s work ahead on his Shelbourne Reynolds hedgecutter.

Derek works for Waldersey Farms Ltd who farm some 4,000 hectares in and around North Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. For 6 months a year it’s his job to cut down the reeds, weeds and grass banks of the numerous rivers and drainage dykes around Waldersey’s fields.Waldersey Farms gear

Earlier this year a new Shelbourne Reynolds HD762VFR trimmer was purchased through Ernest Doe’s Littleport branch and Derek has been “thrilled with the machine”. VFR stands for variable forward reach which enables the operator to move the flail head forward alongside the cab for cutting, a feature Derek finds very good.

 “The ease of operation is excellent due to the flail head being in front of the driver as I’m not looking back over my shoulder all the time” he adds.

Excellent back-up and service from Ernest Doe and Shelbourne Reynolds are not something new for Waldersey Farms as the new HD762VFR replaced an older Shelbourne hedgecutter. “I really liked my old cutter, but the new one is even better”, Derek reports, “especially the uprated float system and the higher power to the rotor” to name just two.

The fact that Shelbourne’s boom and head float works so well is great for Waldersey Farms because for 90% of the working day the head is on the ground with its roller down following the contours of the bank.

Derek reckoned that the Shelbourne head had eaten its way through everything so far, adding “the higher power to the rotor was very handy this Summer as the reeds were very thick and tall, often mixed in with bindweed”.

Waldersey Farms vergeWith such a large acreage to get round Derek soon clocks up the hours with his new cutter, but says “the joystick control system is a joy to use with the armrest doing just that; your arm doesn’t move, only your wrist and fingers”.

It would definitely be fair to say that Waldersey Farms are a very professional farming company who have a very good hedgecutter operator in Derek Russell and with the support of Ernest Does and Shelbourne Reynolds they will continue “looking forward” to the future.

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