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Launch of Powermix Pro Series Feeder Wagon

15th April 2009

09The new Powermix Pro series is the result of 12 years’ intensive testing throughout the UK and is, as such, the only diet feeder to be developed specifically for operation in UK conditions.

Notable features of the Pro Series include an all new gearbox drive system using high quality Comer gearboxes, a new lower power, faster mixing and chopping auger design and a new moulded webbing style conveyor belt system.

In addition, twin auger Powermixers are now available with high speed sprung, steering axles or single axles and super single tyres.

New Drive System: The new Gearbox drive system means less service and quieter operation. Extended warranties and service plans are now available.

New Auger: In the mixing compartment the auger flighting has been modified from a 270 degree wrap to a 720 degree wrap which decreases the angle of the flighting and, as a result reduces the horsepower requirement.

A reduced flight angle also allows the auger to run faster and produce a livelier mix. Independent tests have revealed that higher operating speeds and shorter mix times produce a looser fluffier mix and lessen the risk of over processing. The Pro series auger speed runs at 25rpm – 25% faster than previous models.

The auger flight has also been slightly tapered towards the top of the auger to allow space for bales to drop further down into the mixing chamber when they first enter the tub. This coupled with the faster auger speed reduces chopping time significantly.

New Webbing Conveyor: Shelbourne Reynolds has developed the Express webbing conveyor system for its Powermix range of vertical diet feeders. This unique system, which can be described as a cross between a rubber belt and a chain and slat system, enables the machine to elevate feed up-to 1.5m (5ft) to the left and right of the feeder.

The conveyor mounting module can be hydraulically shuttled to both sides as well as aligning it centrally within the overall width of the machine for transport.

In developing the Express webbing, Shelbourne Reynolds recognised that conventional rubber belts have high maintenance requirements and that traditional chain and slat systems, while being more positive, are noisy and have a tendency to carry feed round rather than deliver it. Webbing offers the benefits of extreme durability, smooth quiet operation and the ability to cleanly throw the feed in an even arc off the end of the conveyor.

The Powermix Pro range of Feeder wagons now consists of 9, 11, 13 and 15 cubic metre single auger models and 16, 19 and 22 cubic metre twin auger models. The twin auger range is now also available with either a single axle or sprung tandem with steering as an additional option.

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