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New Remote Controller And Specification Upgrades For Powermix Plus Diet Feeders Unveiled At Grassland And Muck 2017

22nd May 2017



Shelbourne Reynolds is using Grassland and Muck 2017 to reveal a number of upgrades to its Powermix Pro range of vertical auger diet feeders, designed to improve ease of operation, data transfer and machine handling.


The key new feature is a completely new handheld controller, designed to take the place of the physically-connected joystick used on previous models. One of the primary benefits of the new unit, says Neil Smith of Shelbourne Reynolds, is the elimination of the risk of joystick and cable damage when uncoupling the feeder from the tractor.


“Because it works via radio signals, the unit has no physical connection with the machine, so there are no cables to stretch, twist or break,” he explains.


“It also makes uncoupling the feeder a faster process, allowing users to more quickly switch their tractor to other tasks.


“Because existing diet feeder remote control units have typically been heavy and cumbersome, we have aimed to design a unit that is especially light, compact and easy to use.”


The controller includes buttons to switch between the two auger speeds, operate the conveyor side-shift, select conveyor travel direction and open/close the feed-out door. Belt speed can also be altered using the unit, with each press of the plus or minus buttons effecting a change of ten per cent. Pressing and holding either button returns the belt speed to its original setting.   


Also new for Powermix Pro feeders is an upgraded DG600 weigh scale control unit which allows recorded load data to be transferred to the farm office computer either wirelessly or via a USB memory stick. Data such as required ingredient weights for each ration can also be transferred in the opposite direction, from the office computer to the DG600 unit on the machine, to ensure ration ingredient plans are followed precisely. In this way, the system also helps users to keep track of TMR ingredient stock usage.


Lastly, Powermix Pro developments also include an upgrade in tyre size. The machines are now fitted as standard with 385mm-section tyres in place of the previous 305mm units, to provide improved load-bearing and stability.


Details of all of the above developments will be available on the Shelbourne Reynolds stand, number 221, at Grassland and Muck, Stoneleigh, Warks, on May 24-25.


385mm wide tyres

Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro diet feeders are now fitted with wider 385mm-wide tyres for improved load-bearing and handling.












remote control unit

The new Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro remote control unit.
















weigh scale control unit

Alongside the new remote control unit, Powermix Pro feeders are now offered with an upgraded weigh scale control unit which allows two-way data transfer.

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