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Rice Harvest Update

13th October 2009

02aThe 2008 rice harvest is coming to an end in both the Mississippi River Delta and California with only a few producers still harvesting.

Weather had a large impact on this year’s rice harvest in the Delta area. Planting conditions were far from ideal due to a wet spring, combined with cool temperatures during August which caused a delayed start to this year’s harvest. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike then caused flooding, lodged crops and shatter loss throughout the region.

A few words from some Rice farmers about this years harvest.

John Bain, Bunkie LA Farms 2300 acres of rice, 1x JD9870STS with 1 x RSD32

"This year was the worst rice harvest in 32 years due to the damage and loss caused by the hurricanes, 20" rain flooded the fields for 35 days and we were unable to harvest 750 acres".

Blake Henderson, England AR Farms 4000 acres of rice 2 x CAT580 with 2 x RSD28

"No record breaking yields this year due to poor planting conditions and high field losses due to the hurricanes".

02bRon Weathers, Essex MO Farms 4100 acres of rice, 2 x JD9760STS with 2 x RSD28

"Harvest was late getting started and the rice stayed green, we had to chlorate most of the fields to get the rice to dry down, the hurricanes added field losses due to the high wind which lost an extra 10 bushels/acre.

This year I traded my two 24ft RVS headers for two new 28ft RSD headers and I was impressed by the extra capacity that these heads gave to my operation, I was able to complete my crop in 30 working days which was very helpful this harvest"

Nolan Cannon, Dundee MS Farms 2400 acres of rice, 2 x JD9770STS with 2 x RSD 28

"Harvest this year was reasonably trouble free and yields were above average and the hurricanes didn’t cause my farming operation too many issues, we only had a few fields that went down. The headers worked well in the down rice and I didn’t have the problems that my neighbor faced with his draper headers, running large amounts of straw through his combines in his down rice".

The 2008 rice harvest in California was completely opposite to the Delta with good harvesting conditions and above average yield with good quality for most producers.

Sean Finn, Chico CA Farms 2000 acres of rice, 4 x JDCTS with 3 x RVS22 & 1 x RX6.6

"Good harvest with above average yields and high quality, the headers are working very well in my farming operation in many ways, increased capacity allows us to harvest at 17% moisture and avoid costly drying fee’s and still complete harvest in a timely manner, they also help reduce our fixed costs and allow us to use older combines".

02cTom Inderbitzen, Marysville CA Farms 2500 acres of rice, 2 x CAT585 with 2 x RSD24

"A straightforward harvest with average yields and quality, we have been very happy with the RSD headers and really like the simplicity of its design".

A very busy harvest in both the Delta Area and California kept our dealers and support staff very busy.

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