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USA Wheat harvest update

23rd July 2010

Combine Stuck

Harvest is now 75% finished in Kansas and Colorado and moving steadily Northwards. Generally speaking yields have been very good this year with many dryland reports of 75 bu/acre. Once again though mother nature has not co-operated and quality and harvest progress have been compromised by heavy rain.

There is really only one time of year when precious moisture is not welcome on the High Plains of Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska and that is for the two weeks that it takes most people to harvest their wheat. Each wheat harvest season is kind of a lottery as it falls during the thunder storm season. This year started wet and is finishing wet.

The attached photos show the down side of wet harvesting conditions. The additional speed, harvesting capacity and ability to harvest under wetter conditions will have helped most stripper header equipped farmers to get the majority of their wheat harvest finished before the latest rains arrived. Most people using stripper headers are hoping to use the stripped straw to accumulate moisture over the winter and then no-till a spring sown crop such as corn or sorghum. The ruts created by spinning combine tyres will create more work later in the year as they will have to be levelled off before the planters can go to the field.

Pulling outThe other downside to rain at harvest time is the sudden appearance of green weeds in previously clean fields, this is not too great of a disadvantage with a stripper header again as the selective stripping action of the rotor is able to strip the grain and leave behind the majority of the green material.

Most people however are not too despondent as the wheat price continues to edge higher and the yields have been good.

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