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25m Powermix Pro Feeder Wagon to be launched at UK Dairy Event

8th August 2009

One of the issues facing most Dairy Managers in the UK today is trying to quickly and efficiently feed large numbers of cattle spread located in numerous older buildings often on split sites.

Many of these buildings will have narrow access or inaccessible troughs that have to be negotiated. Shelbourne have designed the new 25m Powermix Pro Feeder Wagon with the philosophy of making the largest possible machine fit small tight buildings.

04Shelbourne Reynolds is pleased to introduce the new 25 cubic metre machine as an extention to the existing 9 to 22 cubic metre Powermix Pro Express range. The 25 cubic metre model is capable of mixing batches upto 12 tonnes in size. The unique auger design incorporating three feedout legs means that this large machine is equally at home mixing dry cow rations as small as 100kg. The 25 cubic metre machine weighs in at 8700kg unladen, testament Shelbourne says to the build quality required to feed 1000 cows per day reliably. Hardox 400 wear plate is used on all internal tub wearing surfaces including 14mm thick double skinned lower tub sidewalls. Standard running gear includes tandem sprung commercial axles with 305 R22.5 tyres. 445 flotation tyres as well as steering axles and air brakes are also available.

Total width is 2.3m which allows access to narrow passageways. The unique Express webbing conveyor is able to elevate feed upto 1.5m to either side of the machine as well as shuttling back to a central position within the width of the tub for transport. This enables the operator to elevate feed into a 4 foot high trough in a narrow passage as the machine can elevate feed into a trough without having to drive too far away from it. A fixed front conveyor is also available as a lower priced option.

Shelbourne will also be one of the participants in the mixer wagon demonstrations at this years Dairy Event. We have supported these demonstrations since the beginning and find it a useful way of showing large numbers of the farming public how simple and effective the Powermix system is compared to other machines. We will be demonstrating the 19m Powermix Pro twin auger machine fitted with the front mounted Express conveyor.

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