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New Wider Stripper Headers on Trial

15th July 2011

Shelbourne Stripper headers like most other pieces of farm machinery have been getting steadily larger since their introduction in the early 1990’s.

One of the most significant developments was the introduction of the 28 foot wide CX84 in 1995. This replaced the 20’ SR6000 as the widest stripper header available. This was then followed in 2001 with the introduction of the 32’ CVS32. The CVS32 has been the most popular model to date and was viewed as large enough for good productivity but also easily manoeuvrable.

42 foot stripper 2

Larger capacity combines and larger scale farming in North America, Australia and Eastern Europe has prompted the next generation of stripper header development. The new range is called the Excel range and XVS42 42’ machines are now running in both Australia and America. The new machines incorporate a 3 section stripping rotor and two section auger. New features include a spring loaded pivoting adaptor plate system which when coupled to the spring loaded gauge wheels enables the wider headers to follow ground contours. The new machines are all centre mounted and have an actual stripping width of 41 feet and 4 inches (12.6m). The new 42’ models will be available in fixed belt drive format as a XSD42 or with variable speed belt drive as a XVS42.

42 foot stripper 1

Productivity levels of in excess 40 acres/hour have been reported in recent Kansas tests.  Excel range machines will be available in limited numbers for the 2011/12 harvest.

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