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Kansas Wheat Harvest Update

8th July 2009

05The Southern US wheat belt harvest is now almost complete with machines now running in the Dakota’s. Yields and crop harvesting conditions were tremendously variable this year. Drought took its toll and reduced yields in Texas and South West Kansas as well as some parts of Colorado.

Every year hailstorms seem to have a dramatic effect on the harvest fortunes of a large number of US wheat farmers and this year was no exception, if anything there seemed to be more hail than normal. Huge areas were completely devastated by golf ball size hail storms, however many badly damaged crops were able to be salvaged using stripper headers.

Overall yields were probably slightly less than average as the large areas of good 60 bushel/acre dryland wheat found in Western Kansas were not able to compensate for the drought and hail damaged areas.

05bThe 2008 harvest saw record numbers of stripper headers take to the field with more and more farmers recognising the benefits of stripper straw and incorporating it into their no-till farming systems. This requirement was recognised by Kuhn Harvesting in Lakin , Kansas. Darrell Kuhn and his team now run 5 John Deere 9770 combines all fitted with CVS32 stripper headers and operate in Oklahoma, Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado.

With so many machines starting harvest with new customers, the companies policy of helping all new customers in the field certainly kept the field support guys based in the Colby, Kansas office very busy!

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