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New High Torque Drive for RSD Strippers

22nd April 2013

As with all machines the preferred size of stripper header for rice is getting larger. With more and more hybrid rice being grown yields have also been steadily increasing in recent years.

Shelbourne Reynolds have been observing this trend and looking at ways of transmitting more power down to the rotor on the RSD Rice headers, this is particularly important when trying to maintain forward speed in lodged crops. Larger combines are able to provide more power down to the feederhouse and header so it is important that the stripper header is able to use it.HDT

A number of option’s were considered and the HTD developed over the last 3 years testing in Australia and the USA with the following criteria,


  • Operates from within the width of original guard
  • Transmits at least 50% more power
  • Pulleys can be changed quickly and easily for different rotor speeds
  • Minimum belt stretch so that tension adjustment is not necessary.

The above has been achieved by fitting a toothed “timing belt” style drive, this has virtually no stretch and gives a positive tooth drive using a single belt. The pulleys as before can be removed and changed to achieve the following rotor speeds,


  • 470rpm
  • 535rpm
  • 675rpm
  • 775rpm

The additional torque transmitted to the rotor enables the operator to run the rotor at the optimum speed for stripping the crop rather than overspeeding it to help the belt cope in adverse conditions. This leads to more selective stripping and less foreign material entering the cleaning and separation systems of the combine and therefore better harvesting performance. The gearbox shafts and bearings as well as the front rotor shaft have all been upgraded to handle the extra torque.

All 2013 RSD machines over 24 ft width will be equipped with the HTD.


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