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New Bystronic Laser

14th August 2013

laserAs part of Shelbourne Reynolds continued investment programme we have just installed a state of the art ‘Evolutionary’ piece of technology in the form of a Bystronic BySprint 3kW Fiber laser cutting system. This machine will give an improved operational and economic efficiency as it combines high speed cutting and machine dynamics to achieve the greatest efficiency with the shortest cutting time per part.





laser 2This Fiber Laser can be used across a range of sheet thicknesses up to 20mm and has a 4000mm X 2000mm cutting window served by automatic pallet change tables.









How it works (simplified).

Fiber laser technology is the name given to the technology because the laser is produced within an optical fiber, somewhat similar to that used in the telecommunication industry. Pumped Laser diodes are used to excite a rare earth metal ‘ ytterbium’ which is mixed with the interior structure of the fiber optic and thus generates a laser beam with a very small spot size. That small spot size allows the technology to be used to cut different thicknesses without changing lenses and allows for very fast cutting of thin-gauge materials. Also, because of the high efficiency of the diode source and of the beam's extraction from the ytterbium, fiber lasers have a higher energy efficiency than CO2 lasers—up to double depending on which machines are being compared.


laser how it works


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