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Long Service Awards 2013

15th August 2013

It’s that time again in the year to present the long service awards.  No matter how long your length of service, all of our staff are essensial to us, however it’s still important to take a moment to recognise those employees that have been with us for many years and in some cases very many years and to take the opportunity to publicly thank them for all of their hard work, loyalty, dedication and contribution to the success of Shelbourne Reynolds over their years with us. 

It always sounds a bit cheesy that old saying that a business is only as good as the people who work in it but it’s true and the reason why all these years later Shelbourne Reynolds is still in business and going strong.

This year instead of the “this is your life” style of presentation we have decided to do something a little different and for the benefit of our newer staff.  We asked our recipients a few “getting to know you” questions, nothing serious but just to give a little insight into the characters of those staff receiving awards this year.


Starting with the ten year awards ……

Karen TupperPicture12

Karen joined us in June 2003. She had previously worked at Atlas Qualco as a production operative as well as in their warehouse  picking and packing parts. At Shelbourne Reynolds she very quickly learnt all about the various stores processes and eventually became our key ‘goods in’ person. 



Picture11Benjamin Rossiter

Benjamin joined us in April 2003. He has an extensive agricultural background from growing up on the family farm and also from gaining an honours degree in Agricultural Engineering. In 2000 he was awarded the New Holland Trophy for Top engineering graduate. He then worked on a short term contract at Kverneland and Kidd Farm Machinery before working for a farm contractor in New Zealand for 8 months.

On his return to the UK he worked for Parmiter. In 2003 Shelbourne  acquired most of the Parmiter product range and un-surprisingly given Benjamin’s experience, he was offered a job here at Stanton. At first  he came here to help us with the transition of the Parmiter products/parts but later joined our Design Team and has now become our Harvesting Product Specialist with the Stripper Header   being his main focus.  Refining and modifying the Cvs/Rsd design to more recently developing the current Excel range.


Gavin BartrumPicture10

Gavin joined us in September 2002 as a ‘paint shop operative’ and  quickly learnt all the different jobs in the Paint shop.

His particular area of expertise was in the shot blast room particularly whilst blasting our biggest assemblies. In his early days working before we fitted the auto re-claim system in the shot blast room he probably spent longer sweeping up shot than actually shot-blasting, although a good way to develop his muscles it wasn’t so productive for the company.

Gavin has proved to be one of our most hardworking, loyal and conscientious workers doing this sometimes dirty, hot and very uncomfortable but a hugely valuable job for the Company.


Alan BullettPicture9

Alan started with us in September 2002.  He came to us with an    excellent engineering background and a great deal of experience  having worked at Haller UK who made refuse vehicles, David Mackrill who manufactured waste handling equipment and Barber Greene with their asphalt plant.

This earlier engineering experience gave him a really good knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics.  All of those skills meant he could quickly adapt to our product range and add particular value to the Company when we   started to develop and build our own range of the  Powerblade trimmers.

Alan’s excellent production fitting knowledge, together with a helpful and flexible approach to work has also assisted our younger engineers in the department develop into better engineers.  Alan has assisted with servicing and demoing which has also benefited our customers. 


Picture8Geoff Tuck

Geoff Tuck joined Shelbourne Reynolds sheet metal team in August 1997 when he moved to this area from Kings Lynn.

He came to us from Sun Electrics where he had spent over twenty years as a press brake operator/setter with responsibility for  quality assurance to ISO 9002.

He has always proved to be one of our most reliable and hardworking employees and for many years was a highly valued member of our Health and Safety committee helping us make several improvements.

Around 6 or 7 years ago he decided to look for a new challenge and applied for a position as an assembly fitter.  Again Geoff showed just how versatile he was and very quickly became a key  member of our assembly team.

Adrian MetcalfPicture7

Adrian started working for Shelbourne Reynolds in September 1997.

He came to us from Edwards Trailers in Laxford where he did everything from preparation of materials through to welding and  painting.

Adrian is a very quiet, hardworking and reliable guy who is always keen to get involved in new projects.

Picture6Ian Emmerson

Ian started with us in November 1988. He came with an excellent pedigree having worked at TW Roche, General Metal Construction, Robert Boby and Barber Greene all in sheet metal or fabrication roles.

Ian is what can only be described as an old school  tradesman who takes the greatest of pride in all the work he does. He’s another one of our employees who over the years has done much to bring on and train our future craftsmen.



Simon MorrisPicture5

Simon joined the company straight from school in June 1988 as an apprentice engineer.

He has followed a long tradition at Shelbourne Reynolds as several of his family members have worked for the Company. In the past his father Geoffrey and his uncle Peter as well as his brother Daniel who is currently at the Colby depot.

Over the years Simon has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and skills whilst working on an ever changing product range. He is one of our longest serving fitters and has  regularly assisted with service support.


Picture4Robert Combe

Robert (also known as Bob) joined Shelbourne Reynolds in March 1988.

His role when he first came to the company was as our Northern Area Service Manager. He provided field service support, advice and training for both our dealers and end users. The Rape Equipment was a particular favoured product for Robert and there was nothing about that range that he couldn’t have sorted out.  He was right there whenever the customer needed him, day or night.

In the eighties the stripper head was being developed and Robert played a key role in feeding back information from the field to our    design team. There’s no doubt this played a huge part in the early    development of the stripper header, which made a massive impact on the business. This led him to become a key overseas product support engineer visiting countries such as Australia, the USA and China as well as many others. The experience Robert gained in dealing with customers during that time saw him move into sales about 10 years ago into the role of Northern UK and Ireland Sales Manager.


Andrew FreemanPicture3

Andrew (aka Andy) joined Shelbourne Reynolds in April 1983.

He started here as a Production office assistant originally working for Garry Bloomfield but when the company purchased its first CNC machines, he was one of the people chosen to learn and be responsible for the programming of them. Andy was always keen to take on more challenges and responsibility and with the knowledge he had gained through working in both Production and Programming meant it was an easy decision in 1988 to promote him to the position of our Stores Manager.

Back in the eighties and nineties the company mainly sold oil seed rape equipment and pea viners. Both of those crops have a very short window of opportunity to harvest so this meant that the stores back then had to provide 24 hour emergency parts cover and therefore Andy unlike the rest of us has seen Shelbourne Reynolds at all hours of the day and night.

With the introduction of new products over the years the Stores has had to adapt and grow. More items needing to be stocked each year for both the UK and overseas markets. Andy has been instrumental in driving through the changes needed to meet these challenges.


Picture2Claire Bloomfield

Claire started with us in January 1983.

Her first position at Shelbourne Reynolds was receptionist in the Accounts department.  She has gone from answering the telephone back then to negotiating with bank managers, owners and directors. In the nineties she was promoted first to Company Accountant and then to Finance Director. Over the year’s she has seen the company go through good years and some very difficult years and at times her job has been extremely demanding and challenging. 

The role means keeping an eye on the performance/profitabilty and cashflow of the business as well as liaising with various external institutions such as banks, accountants, etc.  As a member of the Senior Management Team she’s also heavily     involved in other areas of the business such as IT, HR and Export and is not only a  protector of the Company’s finances but also a driving force behind the strategic direction of the company.


Nigel MillerPicture1

Nigel aka ‘Nod’ started work with Shelbourne Reynolds in September 1982 on the saws before  becoming a fitter in the mid 80’s when   Keith Shelbourne  purchased the Pea Viner business from Mather & Platt.  Nod actually helped to put together the very first Pea Viner built here in Stanton.

Over the next few years he was very involved in going out to the field at all hours of the day and night supporting our Pea Viner customers during harvest and    travelled abroad to many places such as Hungary, Italy and even Norfolk!  In 1987 he was promoted to leading hand in the  Assembly department and in 1990 promoted to Supervisor.

Many that know him would say he wears his heart on his sleeve – certainly he is one of our most caring and considerate employees in the company.  He has always been passionate about both his job and the people who work for him and is probably the member of staff who epitomises the statement ‘’going the extra mile’’.



Well done to all our award recipients.  We really appreciate all that you do for

 Shelbourne Reynolds.

Thank you!














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