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Shelbourne-Reynolds launches innovation in hedgecutter design at LAMMA 2014

13th January 2014

An innovative new hedgecutter combining variable forward reach with telescopic arm capability forms the centrepiece of the Shelbourne Reynolds stand at LAMMA 2014.VFRT 1


VFRT (Variable Forward Reach Telescopic) builds upon the success of the Shelbourne VFR range, introduced in 2007 in response to feedback from operators and owners updating mid-mount machines and wanting the reach of telescopic arms without a return to the inconvenience of looking over their shoulders. It uses a pivot between the first and second arms to allow the head to be placed precisely where required, both in terms of comfort and the best position to cut the hedge.


The new VFRT development combines this with a telescopic second arm to offer the advantages of both configurations in one machine, without compromises in either size or operator comfort. Its unique design is complemented by a striking new blue livery.


The product of close consultation with customers who have many hours' hedgecutting experience, the new VFRT design enables operators to place the cutting head in positions previously not possible with machines offering only telescopic or variable forward reach capabilities. VFRT will initially be available on one machine, the HD775 VFRT (max total reach 7.5m; max forward reach 2.5m). It complements the HD762VFR (max total reach 6.2m; max forward reach 1.5m), and HD767VFR (max total reach 6.7m; max forward reach 1.7m).


VFRT 3As well as enabling the cutting head to be positioned right alongside the tractor, without the need for a cranked arm design, VFRT also allows the second arm to reach rearwards behind the machine, so that the operator can side up a hedge or trim a verge with the head behind the tractor's rear wheel. The head can be placed rearwards by between 1.0m and 1.6m, depending upon the position of the telescopic arm.


VFRT strengthens the reputation for innovation in hedgecutters earned by Shelbourne Reynolds since launching its first machine in 2003. The firm was the first to offer a hydraulically-adjustable roller, and a variable forward reach machine with electronic proportional control, both also introduced in response to consultation with customers.

Shelbourne was also among the innovators in telescopic arm design, providing compact dimensions for limited access and narrow lane work, whilst giving the option of extending the telescopic arm for long reach work. The firm currently offers three telescopic models, in 6m (4.8m retracted) to 8m (6.2m retracted) reach sizes.




250 HedgeThe 2014 Lamma Show will also be the launchpad for the new Shelbourne 250 economy trimmer.

This is a 5m machine incorporating a fixed non-slew frame with mechanical breakback. It is a non parallel arm machine with 5m reach and slide mount 1.2m belt drive head.

Twin pump hydraulics are standard, an oil cooler is available as an option when a simple, compact verge mowing machine is required, this is especially useful in hotter climates.

Cable and lever controls are standard although the hydraulic proportional joystick used on the 350 and 450 models is available as an option. Other optionds include a hydraulic head roller, arm float and lights250 Verge


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