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12th January 2015

With the national average dairy and beef herd sizes continuing to increase, many twin-auger diet feeders are now mixing in excess of 100 tonnes of feed daily. This figure has changed significantly from when the first Powermixes were introduced in the early 1990'2 when a machine mixing 10 tonnes per day was considered busy.  In response to the greater demands this is placing on machines, manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds is upgrading its twin auger Powermix Pro Twin Express feeders for 2015.

Most mixer manufacturers have either increased the thickness of steel used for tub and auger flight manufacturing, or improved the steel quality, Shelbourne Reynolds has chosen to do both. The enhanced range will be on show for the first time at LAMMA 2015.


To reduce the wear created over time by the movement of feed ingredients against the tub sides, Twin Express tub interiors are now double skinned up to a height of 775mm with an additional 10mm thick sheet of S500 grade steel. This provides added protection and wear resistance on the lower sidewall of the entire circumference of the tub, and brings the total sidewall thickness to 18mm. Meanwhile, the auger flights are now made from stronger S500-grade steel, which is 15mm thick. Replaceable wear pads on the lower auger legs incorporate a 10mm thick stainless steel plate.

“We have worked hard to perfect the mixing and chopping ability of our machines to produce the type of ration that dairy and beef farmers are asking for. This set of enhancements adds to that by extending the potential life of the Twin Express machines, particularly where they are working in high use, large herd situations.”

As a mark of how much more robust the new Powermix Pro Twin Express feeders are, the additional steel will add 480kg to the weight of each twin auger machine. Total unladen weights now range from 8,325kg for the smallest 16 cubic metre model to 9,160kg for the 25 cubic metre flagship. However, there is no additional horsepower requirement for the upgraded models.


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