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NEW Powermix Plus

19th October 2015


Since its launch in 1993 everything about the Shelbourne Powermix has been designed around customer requests and requirements. The latest Powermix Plus is no exception, after 3 years of design work and customer consultation the first production machines are now on farm.

The Powermix Plus range is designed as a compact twin auger range of machines, the design team’s brief at the start of the project was as follows,

-          Model sizes of 16, 18 and 22 cubic metres

-          Shorter machines for greater manoeuvrability

-          Greater durability by using strategically thicker,            higher grade steel

-          Faster, more efficient bale chopping through a  smoother tub shape

-          Lower horsepower mixing requirement

-          Simpler design through incorporating the chassis into the tub weld assembly


Three Powermix Plus models are available 16m, 18m and 22m. All models are available on either a single or tandem axle.


Faster bale chopping and less spillage has been achieved by designing a new shape tub with smoother sides and better transition between mixing chambers, the new  shape allows material to move around the tub more freely, mixing performance is also improved. The front mounted door locks into position when closed to provide uninterrupted material flow. Faster chopping times are also attained through horizontally mounted auger blades, increased auger speed, and new straw ring design.

The new tub shape gives the additional advantage of a lower horsepower requirement.

Other new features include,

The auger and tub is manufactured from high grade steel (S500) for maximum durability and life.

The lower side walls of the tub are manufactured from 12.5mm high strength steel.  – The most heavy duty on the market

Improved front conveyor system with spring loaded belt tensioner.

New bolt- on replaceable poly wear pads for the auger legs.

New front viewing platform.

New electric 2-speed gear change unit available.

New LED lighting kit fitted as standard

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