Parmiter Shear Bucket SB250

The SB250 has a width of 1.84m (6ft) giving a capacity of 1.08m making it suitable for use with a tractor loader / handler.

The curved side blade gives scissor like action combined with the solid bucket floor that provides a high level of resistance when in the clamp giving a clean cut.

Standard Features

High grade hardox blades
3 x Central support gussets / blades (hardox)
2 x High power hydraulic rams
Pre laser cut knock out holes for brackets

STANDARD FEATURES - Parmiter Shear Bucket

1. High grade hardox blades

For high strength and longevity.

2. Central support gussets / blades

these give both bucket rigidity and also cut the block into sections ready for the mixer wagon (hardox)

3. 2 x High power hydraulic rams

2 powerful rams power the blade to cut into the clamp.

4. Pre laser cut knock out holes for brackets

Pre laser cut outs are designed to punch out and install the suited brackets for you handler.

SB250 3D View


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    Technical Data

    SB250670kg1.68m0.80m0.80m644kg1.08m cu20l/min136 Bar
    1477lbs5'6"2'7"2'7"1420lbs38ft cu4.4 gal/min2000psi
    Capacity is based on silage weighing 615kg/M3 (30% Dry Volume)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, although it is sometimes neither possible or desirable to push it all the way in

    The SB300 is 2.16m wide, weighs 760kg empty and will hold upto 787kg of silage

    Yes, there is a 5mm gap on the side knives so they will hold grain upto the level of the side knives

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