New Hemp Harvesting Solution in Development

The Shelbourne stripper header has evolved considerably over the last 20 years, crops have been stripped ranging from grass to chilli peppers all over the world. The current range of stripper headers ranges from 2.4m wide to 12.6m wide.



There has been considerable interest in harvesting hemp both in Europe and the USA,  after some research and experimentation over the last couple of years we have learned that stripper headers are quite a successful way of stripping the upper portion of leaf and bud from a green hemp plant.

The advantage of the stripper header is that it just strips off the upper leaves, flower buds and seeds which is the part of the plant with the highest oil concentration. The stem is left behind. This makes the oil extraction process much more efficient. The CBD oil is located on the surface of the leaf so the less the leaf is handled the better.

Shelbourne Reynolds has developed a simple economic harvesting solution that can be fitted to most tractor’s with a front end loader. The crop is stripped by a rearward rotating rotor incorporating 8 rows of stripping fingers, the stripped hemp is then carried to the right side of the header where it is delivered to either a trailer driven alongside or pulled behind. The header is hydraulically powered by the tractor.


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