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The Shelbourne Powerblade range of Heavy Duty hedge and verge trimmers is available in 5.5m, 6.0m and 7m boom sizes.  A range of specifications and configurations  make it suitable for both farmers and contractors. The 5.5m machine is only available as a fixed boom model and the 6.0m and 7m models are telescopic only. The 6m machine is also available in variable forward reach configuration.


HD755HD755 Model

The HD755 is a fixed boom 5.5m extension machine aimed specifically at verge mowing contractors.  This model has the same inner boom and geometry of the popular HD770 model. The robust design and centre mounted head make the machine ideal for demanding contracting work.

As with all HD models the oil cooler is integrated into the top of the tank and both well positioned for functionality as well as being reasonably protected against falling debris. The popular option with the HD55 would be the Electronic Active Float System (AFS), this gives instant pressure sensing at the head roller for maximum verge mowing speed , efficiency and operator ease.


HD760 trimmer Sept 12 053HD760T Model

The HD60T model is equipped with a standard telescopic boom which gives 1.2m of telescopic advantage.  This means that the machine is a remarkably compact 4.8m machine when retracted, telescoping out to 6m. The HD60T is a very versatile Contractors machine that is compact enough to be used on narrow lanes and yet also has the reach for large hedges.




DSC_0051HD762VFR Model

The HD762VFR has been added to the range by popular demand. This machine provides the strength, durability and performance of the HD range with the ease of operation of a mid mount machine. The secondary boom pivot point is close to the cutting head which means that the machine only loses 200mm of reach when the head is moved forward. Maximum reach is 6.2m with the machine fully extended out and 6m with the head fully extended forwards.

HD767VFR web

HD62VFR Model

The significant 1.5m of forward reach is enough to bring the head alongside the operator on even the largest cab forward modern tractors. the forward reach is variable between 0 and 1.5m. Standard controls are the digital proportional joystick.

Visibility and operator comfort are critical for professional users.


700 Standard Features

  • 70hp Hydraulic System with 540RPM PTO input
  • Digital Proportional Joystick Control
  • Oil Cooler with auto-reverse fan
  • Head Float
  • Arm Float
  • Auto Break Back Reset
  • 1.2m Belt Drive Flail Head
  • Parallel Arm Geometry
  • LED Lights
  • Parking stands/Forklift shoes
  • Transport safety stop and Cab Protector Bracket

700 Options

  • 85hp Hydraulic System with 800 RPM PTO input
  • 3 point linkage or Axle mounted
  • 1.5m Belt Drive Flail Head
  • Narrow Lane Bracket
  • Hydraulic Front Head Deflector
  • Twin Accumulator Float
  • Highway Visibility Kit
  • Debris Blower
  • Verge Head Kit
Technical Specification HD755 HD760T HD762VFR
Machine Weight inc Head & Oil
1725kg 1850kg 1900kg
Min Tractor Weight
4000kg 4250kg 4500kg
3pt Mounting
Optional Optional Optional
Axle Mounting
Optional Optional Recommended


Reach Dimensions HD755 HD760T HD760T HD762VFR HD762VFR
    Retracted Extended Straight Forward 1.5m
Max Reach Head Horizontal
5.56mt 4.90mt 6.03mt 6.05mt 5.55mt
Max Reach Head Vertical
5.37mt 4.71mt 5.84mt 5.86mt 5.36mt
Max Height Head Vertical
6.73mt 6.09mt 7.01mt 7.15mt 6.76mt
Max Height Head Horizontal
5.72mt 5.08mt 5.99mt 6.15mt 5.65mt
Max Reach Downwards
3.68mt 3.05mt 4.22mt 4.19mt 3.69mt
Max Reach at 45 degrees Up
5.74mt 5.06mt 6.25mt 6.25mt 5.75mt
Min Siding Width to Tank
2.24mt 2.29mt N/R 2.29mt N/R
Min Siding Width to Centre
1.28mt 1.33mt N/R 1.38mt N/R
Height To Pivot
1.55mt 1.55mt 1.55mt 1.55mt 1.55mt


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