FBO - Flail Mower

The FBO – 2800 can either be front or rear mounted and has a cutting width of 2.8m with an overall width of 3m. The mower can be offset hydraulically upto 600mm.

Standard Features:

Front / Rear Mounted
2.8m working width
3.0m overall width
Heavy duty construction
Double skinned shell
Large capacity 235hp gearbox
5 Vee belt drive
Large pulleys for greater belt wrap
600mm hydraulic offset
Large 220mm diameter rotor
24 x 120mm Hammer Flails
Input speed either 540/1000 rpm


1. 220mm diameter rotor tube

Heavy duty rotor made with a thick walled tube for high strength and increased tip speed.

2. Hammer Flail

24 x Heavy duty 120mm hammer flails

3. Heavy duty drive with 5 vee belts

The heavy duty drive system comprises of 5 individual vee belts.

4. Simple sprung belt tensioning system

Simple belt tensioning system. which allows the operator to quickly adjust without the need to re aline the pulleys or remove the drive guard.

5. Either 540/1000 rpm input speed

The mower can either be run using 540 or 1000 pto input.
To ensure the flail runs at the optimum speed the pulleys need to be swapped.

6. Hydraulic Offset 600mm

The hydraulic offset is controlled using the tractor spool valve. The mower can be central to the tractor or 0-600mm to the left/nearside

7. Slide way wear pads

Wear pads on the sideways to ensure the offset system moves smoothly without excessive movement.

8. Double skinned shell

For additional strength and longevity.

9. Front chain / rubber

To prevent flying objects whilst in operation.

10. Rear rubber flap

To prevent flying objects whilst in operation.

11. Adjustable roller

To give additional height control.

12. Adjustable rear material guide

this will change how the material flows off the rotor and the level of mulch.

13. High capacity gearbox – 235hp

The high capacity gearbox allows the use of larger tractors without damage to the drive system.

14. Swing storage stand

The parking stand allows for quicker hitching / un-hitching.

15. welded side skid

These provide extra protection to the side plates on undulating ground conditions

Flail Mower 3D View


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The drive belt is tensioned using a sprung loaded tensioner. Tension can be adjusted by using the gauge on the side of the mower without the need for removing the drive guard or adjusting the gearbox/pulley positions.

    A fully synthetic gear lube 75w-90w

    The Flail mower can either be operated at 540 or 1000 rpm by swapping the drive & rotor pulley to ensure the flail runs at the correct speed.