The 7000 series trimmer can either be set up for axle bracket or 4pt mounted. This can be changed by bolt on parts.

However it is recommended that the 7062VFR is axle mounted.

Please Click Here to download a document to explain an easy way to understanding your serial number. It is important to quote this number when ordering parts.


The 4pt stabiliser is a combination of a 3pt stabiliser frame with an under tank drawbar stabiliser, giving 4 main points attaching the trimmer to the tractor

The FW (Four Wheel) range comprises a front turntable style front axle which helps reduce the overall turning circle. The 10500 & 12000 can also be fitted with a steering rear axle controlled hydraulically or mechanically.

The wheels are also positioned far enough away fro the combine feederhouse which makes loading / un-loading much easier.

UK legislation is currently unclear on the classification of combine header trailers and the subsequent legal requirement for brakes when used on public roads.Brakes are available as an option on all Shebourne Combine header trailers.

Shelbourne Reynolds will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred whilst using un-braked shelbourne header trailers on public roads

The gauge wheels allow the draper to follow the ground smoothly and provided greater protection in undulating field conditions.

The header is suited for most brands of combine with the bolt in adapter plate system, however a hydraulic reel supply is required to power the draper pick up belt.

The width of the feeder house on different brands / model combine will determine weather flight extensions will be required and the number of fingers that are needed. This is to ensure that the material is offered into the feeder house slightly narrower than the feeder house opening to prevent back feeding issues.

The drive belt is tensioned using a sprung loaded tensioner. Tension can be adjusted by using the gauge on the side of the mower without the need for removing the drive guard or adjusting the gearbox/pulley positions.

A fully synthetic gear lube 75w-90w