Suitable for Hemp

Shelbourne stripper headers have been used globally for harvesting hemp leaves, flowers & buds for a number of years.  The action of the stripping rotor combs through the fibrous stalk removing the seeds, buds & leaves with little damage to the fragile crop and therefore maximizing the CBD oil content available.

  • A Traditional combine would not be suitable for harvesting hemp for oil production without considerable modification because of the fibrous nature of the crop where it has a tendency to wrap on exposed shafts etc. Also the harvested crop is delicate once harvested and the oil content will be effected by excessive handling.
  • A Forage harvester has been a successful method to both power the header and transfer the harvested crop into trailers. However the size of the header is restricted by the lift capacity and limited lifting height of the harvester.
  • An alternative method is to mount the header onto a tractor front end loader and operate the header hydraulically. Again the header size needs to be matched to the tractor along with the hydraulic flow rate. Customers have then fabricated a discharge conveyors to carry the harvested material to a trailer.

Variable Speed Drive System

The CVS models utilize the proven variable speed belt drive system, rotor speed is adjusted with an electric actuator on the drive pulley in conjunction with a posi-torque spring tension system fitted to the front pulley.

The in cab monitor allows the operator to adjust the speed of the stripping rotor by controlling an electric actuator that adjusts the drive pulley. The speed of the rotor and the auger are displayed and includes an alarm system to aid the operator.


Heavy Duty Pozi Torque Drive Pulley
3 Spigot rear pulley
Speed Range 420-800rpm
Electric Actuator Control
10 Spring Auger Clutch
In cab monitor & alarm system

CLH Drive

The CLH (Cereal Light Header) is only available in a width of 2.4m (8′). The drive for the rotor is via a single vee belt and the speed can be adjusted by swapping the drive pulley. The auger is also driven by a vee belt.
There are 2 options for the discharge position, either central or right hand rear of the header.
The rear of the header is supplied without enclosing the auger to allow fabrication of brackets etc to attach to the desired power unit.
A third party fabricator will be required to attached the header to the power unit and discharge system.


2.4m (8') width
Light weight design
vee belt drive system
Rotor adjusted by interchanging pulley
Hydraulic or Shaft input
RDS Monitor kit to display speeds

Forage / Combine Harvester Style Mounting

The standard stripper header adapter plate system is suited when either a forage harvester or a converted combine are used as the power unit.


Bolt in Adapter
Central Feed Auger
Simple conversion from a standard CVS header
PTO Drive

Loader / Linkage Mount

A blanking adapter it bolted in the center which can be mounted to various power units such as a loader, handler or specialist power unit (Xerion).

The discharge is via a right hand feed auger at the rear of the header.

A discharge system will need to be fabricated  to move the harvested material from the header to a trailer by a third party.

The propelling vehicle must be capable of safely handling the weight of stripper header and conveyance device whilst maintain stability, especially when the stripper header is raised to harvest taller crops.

Forward visibility may be impaired depending on height of operators position and harvesting height, forward facing cameras maybe required.


Hydraulic drive
Rear right hand discharge auger
suitable for taller crops
suited for various power units
brackets can be offset to help balance

PTO Drive from Power Unit

Power units such as a forage harvester or combine can transmit the power to the header via a pto shaft, a single acting hydraulic service it then required for the adjustment for the crop deflector.


High Torque power
Shear Bolt Protection
Simple conversion from standard CVS Header

Hydraulic Drive from Power Unit

Suitable for mounting on fore end loader or handler.

The discharge is at the rear on the right hand side via a cross auger.



Versatility with different power units / mounting system
Relief valve protection
Speed adjustment via oil flow
Requirement upto 100l/min at 210bar

Hemp Fingers

The hemp stripping fingers comprise of a metal stripping element backed with a composite support. Each finger comprises of 12 teeth in an 8 sided rotor.
The wider finger spacing allows for larger stalks and helps to prevent wrapping.

Hydraulic Requirements (Hyd. Drive)

To operate the stripping rotor and auger a hydraulic flow of 100 litres per minute (l/m) (26.4 US gallon per minute (gpm) is required at 210 bar (3050 PSI) pressure. This will give a rotor speed range of 420-770 rpm and an auger speed of 180 rpm.

Reducing the hydraulic flow will reduce the speeds of both the rotor and auger, which in some case may be desirable. (see Hydraulic Speed Chart below).

In order to reduce back pressure, reduce heat generation and maintain the efficiency of the hydraulic system the return hose from the motor should a free flow return to tank and not go back through the tractor rear selective control valve (SCV) (spool valve).

If reversing the rotor and auger to clear a blockage the hydraulic lines will need to be interchanged to run the hydraulic motor in reverse.

Hydraulic hoses should be suitably sized for the hydraulic flow so as not to causes excessive back pressure, which can generate excessive heat and reduce efficiency of the hydraulic system. This is particularly important as a long hose may be required to connect the propelling vehicle and stripper header.


Flow RatePressure Line Hose DiameterReturn Line Diameter
95 l/m (25 gpm) or more1"1"
70-94 l/m (18.5-25 gpm)3/4"1"
below 70 l/m (18.5 gpm)3/4"3/4"

The hydraulic motor case drain should be connected back to tank with a zero pressure return line with a diameter of 3/8” or larger, again this should be a free flow return and not be connected to a SCV.

To operate the crop deflector a single acting SCV is required ¼” diameter hoses will suffice. If the loader is fitted with an auxiliary hydraulic service this would be suitable for operating the crop deflector.

Therefore one  double acting rear selective control valve (SCV) (spool valve) is required, independent of those used to control the loader capable of supplying 100 l/min (26.4 gpm) with a free flow return. The spool valves ideally want to be electronically adjustable from the cab. Plus an additional spool valve on the loader (commonly known as 3rd loader service) to operate the crop deflector. Then an additional  free flow return is required for the case drain for the hydraulic motor.

In Addition an SCV and oil flow may be required for any conveyance device fitted.

Hydraulic Speed Chart

Flow RateHyd Motor SpeedAuger SpeedMin Rotor SpeedMax Rotor Speed
90 l/m (23.8 gpm)450 rpm160 rpm370 rpm700 rpm
95 l/m (25 gpm)475 rpm170 rpm390 rpm740 rpm
100 l/m (26.4 gpm)500 rpm180 rpm420 rpm770 rpm
CVS Model - 37/32 Gears, 18t auger sprocket & 200cc motor.

Loader Mount Weights & Centre of Mass

Weight Load Centre ForwardCentre Offset
CHL 8600Kg 1322lbs657mm 25.9"
CVS 121600kg 3530lbs657mm 25.9"482mm 19"
CVS 161850 Kg 4080lbs657mm 25.9"482mm 19"
CVS 202100Kg 4630lbs657mm 25.9"482mm 19"
Please note the addition of a conveyance device will affect the overall weight and the load centre.

CLH & CVS Technical Data

CLH 081050mm 3'5"2070mm 6'9"2400mm 7'10"2710mm 8'10"600Kg 1322lbs
CVS 121152mm 3'9"2260mm 7'5"3600mm 11'10"4036mm 13'3"1600kg 3530lbs
CVS 161152mm 3'9"2260mm 7'5"4800mm 15'9"5236mm 17'2"1850kg 4080lbs
CVS 201152mm 3'9"2260mm 7'5"600mm 19'8"6436mm 21'2"2100kg 4630lbs
CVS 241152mm 3'9"2260mm 7'5"7200mm 23'7"7636mm 25'1"2350kg 5580lbs
CVS 281152mm 3'9"2260mm 7'5"8400mm 27'7"8836mm 29'2930kg 6460lbs
CVS 321152mm 3'9"2260mm 7'5"9600mm 31'6"10036mm 32'11"3080kg 6790lbs