Duns Dung – Powerspread Pro Demonstration

Scotland, United Kingdom
The Powerspread Pro is well known for Its durability & strength as well as producing an even spread pattern with all different types and consistencies of manure. A farmer from Duns, Scotland was...

Drill developments drive renewed stripper interest

Kent United Kingdom
Pairing a direct drill design proficient in long stubbles with a stripper header to overcome chopped straw distribution, harvest day length and fuel use issues has helped a Kent farm progress its...

HD trimmer differences help create a good impression

Dorchester, Dorset United Kingdom
The standard of work done, and the condition and appearance of the equipment used, are a contractor’s best advert for repeat business and new custom, reckons Dorset-based Simon Osborne. But...

Diet feeder experience sees bespoke AD mixer installed

Dorset United Kingdom
Positive experiences with a Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix diet feeder for the business’s dairy herd meant that, when it was seeking a replacement mixer to feed its anaerobic digester, a Dorset...

Ed Getz

Hoxie, Kansas, USA

Darryl Corriher and Tom Hall

North Carolina, USA

Winter wheat as a cover crop for soybeans is a little different for North Carolina farmers Darryl Corriher and Tom Hall. Cover crops are just one of several factors that allow the North Carolina...


Dave Wagers

Woodrow, Colorado, USA

For David Wagers, it just makes economic sense to use farming practices that stretch the meager rainfall eastern Colorado receives on an annual basis. The current seven years of drought the area...