Duns Dung – Powerspread Pro Demonstration

The Powerspread Pro is well known for Its durability & strength as well as producing an even spread pattern with all different types and consistencies of manure. A farmer from Duns, Scotland was keen to explore on how he could improve his various winter crops and utilise his farm yard manure from straw yard finishing pigs to a greater extent. The Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread 1800 Pro was brought in to see what it could do!

He is currently spreading all manure from the straw yard finishing pigs onto stubbles in the Autumn and ploughing in pre planting of winter cereals. The ground conditions at that time of year are relatively poor.

Contractors using rear discharge spreaders tend to cause soil damage and compaction and the muck is ploughed down into anaerobic conditions not conducive to soil life to do their thing. His idea would be to apply the manure to the growing crop in the spring when soil conditions are good to travel on and the muck is left on the surface where earth worms and aerobic bacteria will readily feast.


To prevent wheeling damage to the growing crop he needs a machine that can spread accurately and consistently whilst running the same 24 meter tramlines used by the crop sprayer for pesticide and liquid fertiliser application. The whole ethos is to make better use of the organic resource within his conventional arable system .


The pictures show what was achieved during the recent demonstration and show an application rate of around 12 tonnes per hectare to winter wheat at growth stage 30 achieving a good spread pattern to 24m. The close up pic shows how the machine has done a good job at shredding the material through the rotor and at that application rate it disappears into the base of the crop.


The farmer commented that he was very pleased with how the machine performed and in particular how well the manure was shredded and evenly distributed over the field with no damage to the growing crop. The ultimate aim is to have a higher yield while reducing fertiliser costs, soil compaction and improve soil health.

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