Combine Settings Guide

Wheat (0-30 bu/ac)Wheat (30-50 bu/ac)Wheat (>50 bu/ac)
Combine Feeder House Chain Position UpperUpUpUp
Feeder House Face PlateTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combine
ConcavesSmall WireSmall WireSmall Wire
Concave PositionCentred / 0-2Centered / 0-2Centered / 0-2
Filler Bars1,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3
Combine Rotors550650750
Return SystemTo CylinderTo CylinderTo Cylinder
Cleaning Fan100%100%100%
Top Chaffer1/2"1/2"3/4"
Bottom Sieve1/4"1/4"1/2"

Combine Feeder House Chain Position LowerHeaders with retractable fingers in the auger, chain should be up. Heads with NO retractable fingers, fully flighted auger, chain should be down.
Header Rotor Speed (rpm)Stripping rotor should be run as slow as possible and still stripping the grain from the head
Header Auger Speed (rpm)Header auger speed is fixed and is determined by auger drive sprocket, should always be under 200
* Augers with spiral paddles require no fingers and front feeder house drum down