The header is leaving grain on the head-
Speed up the stripping rotor also check fingers for wear

The header is tearing the complete head off-
Slow down the stripping rotor

There is excessive header loss-
Slow the rotor speed and increase ground speed

The auger is plugging-
Check there is at least 3/4” clearance under the auger

The combine is not feeding smoothly-
Reference the combine & header operators manual. Check auger adjustment, check adapter plate adjustment. (CX/RX/CVS/RVS/RSD)

Lower heads are being missed-
Lower the Header, open the crop deflector, or increase the stripping speed.

Grain can be seen shooting out from underneath the front of the crop deflector-
Lower the header and raise the crop deflector or try increasing stripping rotor speed.

Missing a narrow strip of heads between rotors-
Adjust center rotor fingers closer to division plate also check center fingers for wear.