Customer feedback a drives launch of new diet feeder range

Faster bale processing, improved manoeuvrability and a lower power requirement when mixing are among the key features of a new range of Powermix vertical auger diet feeders from manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds.

Powermix Plus

Created in response to user feedback following three years of design work and customer consultation, the Powermix Plus models are twin auger machines in sizes of 16, 18 and 22 cubic metres, all available with single or tandem axles. A shorter, more compact layout means they are easier to manoeuvre around yards, while a simpler design incorporates the chassis into the tub weld assembly.

Bale chopping speed has been improved and spillage risk lessened through a new tub shape with smoother sides which also improves material transition between mixing chambers and allows it to move around the tub more freely, thus improving mixing performance and lowering horsepower requirement. The front-mounted door locks into position when closed to provide uninterrupted material flow. Faster chopping times are also attained through horizontally-mounted auger blades, increased auger speed, and a new straw ring design.

With tub and auger wear being a key factor in diet feeder service life and longevity, on Powermix Plus models these elements are engineered from high-grade S500 steel for maximum durability, while the lower tub sidewalls are manufactured using 12.5mm high strength steel, the most heavy-duty material used in this sector. New bolt-on replaceable poly wear pads are available for the auger legs, while a new electric two-speed auger gear change unit is optional.

The front-mounted conveyor system has been revised and enhanced, with a new spring-loaded belt tensioner, while there is also a new front viewing platform. Lighting has also been improved, with a new LED kit fitted as standard.


Neil Smith

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