Powerspread Pro Spreader Developments

Shelbourne Reynolds continues to focus its muck spreader manufacturing on universal machines able to handle all types of manure from slurry to solids, with its Powerspread side-discharge range.

Available in two versions, the Powerspread Dairy comes in 7.25m³/1,600-gallon and 9m³/2,000-gallon models, each with a full-length auger rotating at 13rpm to bring material to the centrally-mounted discharge rotor. The hydraulically operated door opens vertically, utilising the complete width of the discharge rotor, which works at 700rpm in an overshot direction, allowing the Hardox door to act as a shear bar to fragment the material before spreading in an arc away from the side of the machine.

The six-model Powerspread Pro range offers capacities from 8-14.5m³ (1,800-3,200 gallons) for high-output operations. A new weigh scale option, developed from the maker’s Powermix diet feeders, features three 90mm load cells – two on the axle and one of the drawbar – each with a maximum 10t capacity. The scale head can be mounted on the spreader or in the tractor cab, and a wireless remote scale is also available for the machine loading the spreader.

“This new option allows users to manage application rates more efficiently, which is particularly important given rising fertiliser prices,” says Shelbourne Reynolds’ Neil Smith.
“The system is optional on all long wheelbase Powerspread Pro models. For the near future we also have in development a data transfer system to help users maintain accurate application records for farm record-keeping, and a GPS mapping system to allow variable rate application, features will further enable these machines to match the capabilities of any other type of spreader on the market.
“Powerspread Pro machines are also available with tandem axles and optional rear-wheel steering to spread the load and minimise field damage and tyre wear, options which can be combined with a range of flotation tyres.”