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Stripper Header Support


This Stripper Header support page is designed to help Stripper Header owners

maintain and operate their machines.


Review the PDF documents below and then click on the document you wish to download.


  • Understanding Serial Numbers

/uploads/asset_file/Understanding Serial Numbers.pdf

  • Adapter Plate Fitting Instructions

/uploads/asset_file/Adapter Plate Fitting Instructions.pdf

  • CVS, RVS & RSD 2004 + Monitor Instructions

/uploads/asset_file/CVS, RVS & RSD 2004 + Monitor Instructions.pdf

  • CVS, RVS Belt Fitting Instructions

/uploads/asset_file/CVS, RVS Belt Fitting Instructions.pdf

  • CVS, RVS, CX & RX Up To 2004 Monitor Instructions

/uploads/asset_file/CVS, RVS, CX & RX Up To 2004 Monitor Instructions.pdf

  • Fitting Instructions for Shelbourne Stainless Steel Stripping Rotor Fingers

/uploads/asset_file/Fitting Instructions for Shelbourne Steel Stripping Rotor Fingers.pdf

  • Fitting Locations for Hydraulic Single Point Adapters

/uploads/asset_file/Fitting Locations For Hydraulic Single Points.pdf

  • Hydraulic Rams & Seal Kits

/uploads/asset_file/Hydraulic Rams & Seal Kits.pdf

  • Lubrication Specifications

/uploads/asset_file/Lubrication Specifications.pdf

  • Maintenance and Greasing Intervals

/uploads/asset_file/Maintenance and Greasing Intervals.pdf

  • Shelbourne Header Monitor Wiring Diagram

/uploads/asset_file/Shelbourne Header Monitor Wiring Diagram.pdf

  • Unloading Shipping Containers

/uploads/asset_file/Unloading Shipping Container.pdf

  • Stainless Steel Fingers

/uploads/asset_file/Stainless Rotor Fingers.pdf




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