Combine Settings Guide and Trouble Shooting

Wheat (0-30 bu/ac)Wheat (30-50 bu/ac)Wheat (>50 bu/ac)Rice
Feeder House Face PlateTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combineTilted back towards combine
1st Left ModuleSmall wireSmall wireSmall wireRound
1st Right ModuleSmall Hard ThrashSmall Hard ThrashSmall wireRound
2nd Left ModuleSmall wireSmall wireSmall wireRound
2nd Right ModuleSmall wireSmall wireSmall wireRound
3rd Left ModuleLarge wireLarge wireLargewireRound bar
3rd Right ModuleLarge wireLarge wireLargewireRound bar
4th Concave Module LeftLarge wireLarge wireLg SkipwireRound bar
4th Concave Module RightLargewire Large wireLg Skip wire Round bar
Front Rotor Threshing BarsRaspRaspRaspRasp
Rear Rotor Threshing BarsRaspRaspRaspSpike
Straight Corn Bars121212As required
Concave Position0-4mm0-4mm0-6mm7-10mm
Combine Rotor Speed (rpm)700-900650-900600-900550
Cleaning Fan (rpm)950-1050950-10501000-11001100
Pre-Cleaner Position<2<3<33
Top Chaffer Position14-17mm14-17mm17-19mm18-24mm
Bottom Sieve Position7-10mm7-10mm7-11mm18-24mm
Rear Rotor Transport VeinsSlowSlowSlowSlow
**Large Dia. Rotor Only
* Large Dia. Rotor Only

Combine Feeder House Chain PositionHeaders with retractable fingers in the auger, chain should be up. Headers with NO retractable fingers, fully flighted auger with paddles, chain should be down.
Front Dust CoverTop section removed if retractable fingers fitted in auger and feeder house chain up, if no retractable fingers fitted then all sections fitted
Header Rotor Speed (rpm)Stripping rotor should be run as slow as possible and still stripping the grain from the head
Header Auger Speed (rpm)Header auger speed is fixed and is determined by auger drive sprocket, should always be under 200.
*Augers with Spiral Paddles Require No Fingers & Front Drum Position Down