Stripped straw is ideal for no-tilling into. Disposal methods range from discing to shredding.

It is not uncommon to harvest wheat at upto 35% moisture.

The stripping fingers strip a little of the leaf material but leave behind virtually all of the stem so that the harvesting operation is not slowed down and there is enough of the weed left in the field to enable a post harvest herbicide application to succeed.

The rotation of the rotor very successfully harvests crops lying on the ground because it has a picking up action.

85% of the grain is threshed in the header, it will be necessary to set the combine a little differently in order to attain the normal 50 to 100% capacity increase associated with a Shelbourne header.

With combine engine speed at idle, engage the header drive and then the combine separator, causing the combine separator and the header to engage at the same time, reducing the snatch in the header drive line.

The display unit operates from a 12V DC power supply. The brown wire is +12V, the blue wire is the ground. The power supply should be taken from a good 12V power source.

Lower the header and raise the crop deflector.

See if the adaptor plate can be adjusted to reduce the dead area between the feeder chain and auger.