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Beaty 2The Shelbourne Pick-Up header range is designed to be used in conjunction with the Advantage Swather. This oilseed rape harvesting system gives maximum harvesting capacity and minimum losses. Other popular applications include grass seed harvesting. The joint-less one piece conveyor belt eliminates any possibility of grain loss even in small seeded crops.

The basic machine consists of a suspended conveyor module which covers the full width. A large diameter front and rear roller and substantial internal sub-frame combine to give rigidity in undulating ground and durability when faced with foreign objects. The conveyor suspension system involves an adjustable spring to control the down force and a shock absorber to allow the conveyor to accurately follow ground contours.



The conveyor module can be mounted in two positions within the frame depending upon the size and length of swath being harvested. A standard large diameter auger with retractable sentre fingers is then used to feed the material back into the combine feederhouse. The header is fixed to the combine using an adaptor plate system. The underside of the header is protected by two adjustable skids.


Two drive systems are available: 

PUH Hyd CUT OUTFully Hydraulic Version: 

This machine has a fully self contained hydraulic system and so can be used on combines that have a mechanical reel drive or simply where the operator wants more control of the header. The auger is hydraulically driven with pressure relief protection. A cab mounted electronic switch box allows the operator to control the conveyor speed as well as reversing the header.  The electronic reverse facility enables the operator to reverse the header without reversing the feeder house of the combine.



Mechanically Driven Version: 

PUH Mech cut out

This machine uses the mechanical drive from the combine to drive the auger and the hydraulic reel drive from the combine to drive the conveyor belt. The auger is chain driven with slip clutch protection.

During operation the conveyor speed is matched to the combine ground speed, this enables the Pick Up Header to gently lift the swath off of the ground with a minimum of disturbance and seed loss.  The suspended conveyor system has sufficient down pressure to follow the ground contours but will smoothly ride up over undulations.

Either plastic or steel tines can be fitted  to the conveyor, these tines gently lift the swath. The sealed one piece conveyor with cross ribs means that as soon as the seed contacts the conveyor even if it is threshed it cannot escape.

The auger then gathers the swath and feeds it to the centre of the header where pairs of retractable steel fingers push the crop into the feederhouse. The machine can be specified with either skids or castor wheels to assist with following ground contours. 


PUH Control Box cutout

Electronic Control Box

The electronic control box for the hydraulically driven models allows the operator to set the conveyor speed as well as reverse the auger.

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