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400 Series - 50hp

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450 Main pic

The 450 is a 5m reach compact power slew trimmer.

The only difference between the 350 and 450 series machines is that the 450 incorporates power slew making the machine more compact from a road transport standpoint as well as enabling the operator to trim into field corners more easily.

The 450 at 1190kg is light enough to be compatible with smaller lighter tractors but strong enough to do a hard days work.

Many of the features that are included as standard on the larger HD machines are also featured on the 450 including integrated parking stands and parrallel arm geometry.


450 JD

Both the 350 and 450 are equiped with a  premium quality double skinned belt drive 1.2m head. The head is attached to the boom via a slide/clamp mounting system so can either be centre mounted or offset.

Front and rear rubber curtains are standard along with an adjustable front nose section.


  • Power slew
  • Parrallel arm geometry
  • Twin pump fully independant hydraulics 
  • 5m reach
  • 1.2m belt drive double skinned head
  • Cable controls with easy-fit armrest bracket
  • Bi-directional head drive


 Oil proportional joystick control

  • Rear lights
  • Hydraulic float kit
  • Hydraulic head roller 

300/400 stabiliser

Easily fitted top link based 3 point stabiliser frame allows the operator to brace the trimmer after installation for maximum stability.









cable control

Cable controls incorporate an easy to fit armrest replacement bracket giving  a professional, stable installation.









350/450 Joystick

Optional Joystick controls again incorporate an armrest replacement bracket that can be fitted in seconds and gives excellent stability and comfort.









Fixed head roller

A fixed bolted position roller is fitted as standard, the 1.2m flail head incorporates a slide mounting system and easily accessible rotor bearings.








Hydraulic Roller

The double skinned belt drive head can be fitted with an optional hydraulically operated roller.










Technical Specifications 450 Trimmer 457 Trimmer
Progressive Cable Control
Standard Standard
Oil Remote Joystick Control
Optional Optional
Standard Power Oil Capacity
170 litres 170 litres
Independent Hydraulics
Standard Standard
Parrallel Boom Geometry
Standard Standard
Boom Type
Fixed Fixed
Hydraulic Slew
90 degrees 90 degrees
Arm Break Back
Standard Standard
Head Float
Standard Standard


Technical Specifications  450 Trimmer 457 Trimmer
Twin 'v' Belt Head System
Standard Standard
1.2m Head
Standard Standard
Drive System Flow
73 I/min 73 l/min
Drive System Pressure
250 bar 250 bar
Head Angling
257 degrees 257 degrees
Roller Diameter
101mm 101mm
Hydraulic Roller
Optional Optional


Technical Specifications 450 Trimmer 457 Trimmer
Machine Weight inc Head & Oil
1190kg 1220kg
Min Tractor Weight
3500kg 3500kg
Min Tractor
80hp 80hp
3pt Mounting
Standard Standard
Axle Mounting
Optional Optional
Road Lights
Standard Standard


Technical Specifications 450 Trimmer 457 Trimmer
Max Reach Head Horizontal
5.16mt 5.84mt
Max Reach Head Vertical
4.54mt 5.27mt
Max Height Head Vertical
6.25mt 6.72mt
Max Height Head Horizontal
4.52mt 5.28mt
Max Reach Head Downwards
3.30mt 4.11mt
Max Reach at 45degrees Up
5.35mt 6.01mt
Min Siding Width to Tank
2.35mt 2.35mt
Min Siding Width to Centre
1.40mt 1.40mt
Height to Pivot
1.55mt 1.55mt

All dimensions above with 1.2mt head

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